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Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
11:45p on Tuesday, September 4th 2007
While I haven't updated my livejournal in probably about a year, I recently had an experience that I felt should be noted and documented on the internet(s).

I moved into my new apartment at Western Pines two weeks ago and have had more issues than I did all last year. First, last thursday I was playing WoW as my internet goes out. Figuring it was just a matter of a modem reset or perhaps some sort of maintenance to help deal with the load of the other students moving in, I think nothing of it. Since I was going to Illinois to go to a wedding with Amy, I figured my internet would haaave to be fixed by the time I came back (As that is what internet companies do... run the internet to homes).

It was Sunday when I got back to find out we still didn't have internet... this posed a big problem for me as I had several things that needed to be completed before school started on Tuesday. As it turns out internet companies don't actually recognize problems and fix them by themselves, the customer has to report them. Oh, and internet companies take labor day off... even their help lines.

To make things worse, Monday afternoon there was a power surge through the building that has the satellite for the whole complexes television reception (Note: No internet, no television).

Several hours later after dark my apartment decided to lose it's power too. This leads me to believe somebody fucked up and unplugged the wrong wire. So I get back on Sunday: No internet... Monday: No television... Monday night: No power...


current mood: aggravated

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Friday, December 22nd, 2006
1:05a on Friday, December 22nd 2006 - For those of you who wish to understand Mike and my relationship....

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Friday, December 1st, 2006
5:38p on Friday, December 1st 2006 - Quick update
I dont know why I'm updating this, more or less outta boredom waiting for Andy to show up with money then off to buy beer.

Amy is off being auctioned and I'm drinking to deal with it :-P

To the people who only know of my life via livejournal.

I'm doing really well.

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Friday, November 3rd, 2006
12:42p on Friday, November 3rd 2006

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
12:33a on Tuesday, June 13th 2006
So here it goes:

I am trying this update thing more often now.

Worked the last 4 days or so... 8-4, 8-4, 4-close, 4-close. Should be a good sized check, they kinda need to be for now on if im gonna be able to afford my apartment next year. As shitty as the close was tonight, I had a good time for a good part of the shift. A close is considered a great close when you get a big dinner rush then are dead from 8 or 9 until 10:30 when we lock the doors. Tonight was a shitty close for this reason, no big dinner rush so the usuals just leaked in all night right up until 10:30...

when I had the first real brush with fame of my life... I met the actors from The Wiggles, I think they are british... either way they decided to ride up in their bus at 10:23pm... 7 minutes before we close... all dozen of them... Either way, finding out that they were on television made it interesting... one of em was fascinated with our automatic change dispenser... so we ended up actually starting the closing of the front at about quarter to 11... still got out by 11:30.

Now I have 2 days off and nothing to do with it, I just ordered a new computer and I was hoping it would be here tomorrow/today but I checked the shipping info on it and it wont be here till tomorrow afternoon... was hoping that kim would have a day off in here so I can visit her and catch up, but I guess not...

Maybe I will hit up the YMCA... its been waaaaay too long since the last time I got a good workout and I think its hurting my morale.

I cant even say how bad I want to get back to school, even if I do have to have a job this year... last year I went the longest period of time without a job since I turned 16. A lot of people never had jobs until they were 20.

As soon as I get that new computer, I think I will probably have a solid day of installing and uninstalling shit... I hate how they always send you new computers with AOL and other shit, but never a decent browser (Firefox), I have to find the deadaim stuff I want... probably start gathering it tonight and have all the install stuff ready on my external hd, so its just a matter of a million resets.

I think thats about it for tonight... you probly wont get another update for a while so savor this one and all its wiggly-ness.

current mood: thirsty

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Sunday, June 4th, 2006
12:20a on Sunday, June 4th 2006 - yeah...
Okay, so i know it has been a long time since my last update but here it goes... dont think it will be too long:

Where I seem to be spending all my time lately... I dont mind it most of the time but certain people annoy me a lot. For example, there is always one person at my workplace that makes assumptions about who I am and what I am like by where I am from... I usually dont go in with the corrosponding assumptions about them and that actualyl hurts my relationship with them. For example we have a bunch of employees from inner lansing... one who is 17 years old with a boyfriend who recently got out of jail for something and a 2 year old baby. I didnt know all this info from the beginning but either way, I figured a 17 year old... whatever... so she works hard I wont deny that, but it feels like she is trying to proove something and really acts like a bitch most of the time. She works hard,yes but imagine if she didnt talk about it so much and tell everyone else that they arent workign as hard as her... how much more shit would she get done. It would be an issue if we didnt work as hard as we could, but that isnt the case. She does all the pre-closing things while im dealing with customers and then bitches to me about 'how much preclosing shit have you done? oh none' but completely forgets that, for her to finish that shit she was completely ignoring the $120 or so of business I did with the other guy while she was doing it all, so tell me... who really did the best for the job? Either way, its pretty funny because she is a high school dropout and im a junior in college who will probably be arresting her dumbass kid when he does the same dumbass shit that got his dad in college because her kid was raised on a notion that its acceptable to act like the television portrays inner-city school children to act... higher intelligent being who perhaps made us help us.

Free time
Cory is graduating, and i think he is really psyched about it. Im proud for him now, even though when this whole thing started up, I was htinkign about how overrated graduation felt, but in truth now I realize how cool it is that we will both be in college. It is gonna be such an eye opening experience for him.
Been playing a bit of WoW lately, feels like when I get back into haslett that there isnt anything to do or anyone to hang out iwth. I cant wait to get out to western again. With mike as my roommate, its almost guarranteed to be a great year.

Gonna be setting up some ride alongs with police officers around the area pretty soon, I'm pretty excited about that. Starting to make some connections and such with the local police through qdoba and the many that go through the elementary school and meet my mom.

Buying a computer after my next paycheck on monday... cant wait to have a desktop again... this laptop is great for some thing but really not cutting it for the gaming that I do with most of my computer time.

Been watching Battlestar Galactica on my computer lately... great show, def. worth checking out..

today i did cory's openhouse from 11-4 then work from 4-close... tomorrow its graduation from 1-3 then work 4 to close... ugh.. oh well im not working with the stupid inner city girl tomorrow so im happy.

last thing, im gonna be scheduling a time to go up to the cottage with a bunch of friends this summer so that should be going on soon.

night all


current mood: blah

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Thursday, April 20th, 2006
12:19a on Thursday, April 20th 2006
Which Disney Princess are you? by Alyson333
Disney Princess
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hehe i win

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Saturday, April 15th, 2006
4:29p on Saturday, April 15th 2006 - word
I know i have been really bad at updating lately... i mean like once a month or something around that area of the statistic... just figured I'd give you a quicky... life is good, well good enough, I could ask for more motivation but who is gonna give me that?

I gotta go to my uncles b-day but here is something I laughed out loud literally when I saw

miss ya stalker ;-)

current mood: good

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
12:42a on Wednesday, March 29th 2006

I'm updating my livejournal!

Here is the short and skinny on my life...

I got back into World of Warcraft... yes it is eating my soul and yes it is hurting my grades. It is probably time for me to stop for a little while and get back to the 'school thing'. My parents are going to be upset that I wont make the Deans List again this semester, but I hope that I can at least pull higher than a 3.0 for the semester. I think WoW is gonna have to go if I will make that happen.

I won my bracket for the ncaa basketball tournament, that means $45 in cash... woot. Plus i got like $200 from the gov't (my own money). I am still way down for the semester but that is mostly because of my spring break, which was an amazing time. So far, our dodgeball team is undefeated... only one loss of a match out of 6. Basically 2-0 with a match record of 6-1.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time with the girls down the hall... Kim and Cassie mostly. I have a great time with those girls, they are so crazy. I wish life were more simple... never is simple enough for me.

Still planning on going into Law Enforcement as soon as possible... this could mean academy as soon as early next year and finishing my BA while working. I have been slacking in my physical training lately, hitting up the gym only a couple times a week.

Went to a party last friday night, Kim DD'ed for us... it was her first 'real college party.' I think she had a good time.

Who knows when I will update again... ;-)


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Saturday, March 4th, 2006
3:28p on Saturday, March 4th 2006
So... quicky

I was reading up on what everyone has been doing over the last week or so since I went to ft. lauderdale and the only thing I can figure is all you people did for the last week was updated... christ it must have been over 75 entries since i last checked... mostly just skimmed... read most of randys because who knows what is going on in our room when im gone :-P

Ft Lauderdale was a lot of fun... stories later...

not sure if im coming back today or tomorrow... have yet to decide... probably tomorrow

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
1:54a on Wednesday, February 15th 2006 - i win.

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Tuesday, February 14th, 2006
8:21a on Tuesday, February 14th 2006
Valentines Day Blows.

thank you.

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Monday, February 13th, 2006
9:37p on Monday, February 13th 2006 - For lack of real updates

Here is how my week looksCollapse )

In life:
Seems to be going well enough, could be going better. Always could be going better. You know when you feel like you are having the best time in your life but then it turns out that you aren't satisfied for one reason or another. Right now it feels like I have fallen into a repetitive rut. Like there isn't any excitement in my life that isn't planned. Yeah, I party at Elise's and meet random people who are fun, but its on a regular thursday schedule. I feel like I am going nuts. I just look back at the last few weeks and I realize that my life has run in cycles based on the day that it is. You know... wake up -> go to early class -> study -> go to afternoon class -> eat -> work out -> catch up on reading for next day -> repeat.

Its like I want someone to spice up my life a little bit... even at its most exciting this semester, it was still not... I hate this expectation that we should be happy because I dislike it for being a United Statesian thing, but I still can't escape it. I guess I dont neccisarily want to just be happy. I just want to feel something. Even worse, I know that I'm grasping at that feeling toward someone that it just wont happen but still I hope for that little tiny itsy bitsy chance that it could work... as wrong and irrational as it is. Honestly though... who said that it was right to be rational. According to Max Weber, rationality of the capitalist society has ruined the mysticism of life. Rationality created the beurocrat, heartless and soulless. If that is what rationality is, I dont want to be rational, I want to be everything that isnt rational! Still, I hope that after V-day this feeling goes away... its a bit depressing.

I mean, I'm excited about this Ft. Lauderdale trip, but not for the craziness because I am not big on the craziness that tends to get you in trouble, but because it should shake up my routine a lot.

I am excited about seeing Dave again, I can talk to him about this mental craziness that is going on. Dont expect that he can help, but at the very least we can have some interesting discussions on theory shit. I wish that the sociology program was like the engineering and nursing program here where everyone pretty much knows everyone else. It would make for good conversation that I dont get very often...

As much as I dredded it, my presentation in my sociological theory class went pretty well. I felt like I said some stupid things, but I think that is to be expected when you discuss this stuff with a guy who has taught this class for as long as I have been alive. I just wish my group had answered some stuff... it felt like the professor would ask a question... and I would sit back for a few seconds then when no one answered, I would answer then they would kinda agree with me but only changing their statement by enough that it didnt include the embarrasing stupid shit that I said. I was a little dissapointed with the girl in my group, she seemed really smart but reminded me of some people in that she was so obsessed with the text that she never thought to think outside it. What is the point of understanding if you cant argue it.

But, back to my problem with routine... this is the reason I want to become a police officer. I want to experience something new or exciting every day and you lose that if you have routine. No fun. I think between my planned uber-crazy work schedule next summer, I am going to try out some volunteering... maybe I will apply at the YMCA for their summer camp stuff, of course that wouldnt be volunteering but from what I hear about their pay it might as well be. Plus! I probably wouldn't have to pay for a membership at the YMCA to work out. Ugh, I am not looking forward to going back to that gym again after being at Westerns for another semester. The rec here is amazing, hate giving it up. The summer camp would probably (almost definitely) be full time and its pretty close to home. ANNNNND I wouldnt have to work at Qdoba. Dont get me wrong, I have had MUUUUUUUCH worse jobs than Qdoba (BK lounge, McD's and LCC to name a few) but if I believed in a 'calling' that religious people talk about a lot, I doubt that Qdoba is it. Working at the Y gets me closer to the community as an equal instead of being close to the community as a subservient (okay its not that bad). I will go talk to someone this weekend about it, I dont think it could be too hard to get a job there doing something... Dad has been working out there for like 15 years and knows pretty much everyone there and I have gone there occasionally since I was born. Think it will be a problem that I'm not a christian... I know that they are a christian organization but I don't remember it being like super preachy at the camps at all. I think Lynsey's sister worked at that camp for a few summers and I am pretty sure she is not christian...

Alright, enough with me putting off my work...

Drop me a line if you wanna meet up over this weekend.

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10:59a on Monday, February 13th 2006

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Wednesday, February 1st, 2006
10:59p on Wednesday, February 1st 2006 - Haha
The guys downstairs turned up the speakers of their suitemates computer all the way up and are blasting porn as loud as shit... I can hear it very clearly up here...

girl: uuh uuuh uuh uuh
guy: ooooh yeah you like that
girl: uuuhh uh uuuh uh uuuh
guy: ahhhh fuuuuuuck yeah
girl: uuh uuh uuuh uuh uuh
guy: yyeeeeeeeeeeahhhhh

get the idea?

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2:02a on Wednesday, February 1st 2006 - Followup
Just read my friend Stephanie's post and figured I would put my $.02 in about Ann Coulter...

Democrats couldn't care less if people in Indiana hate them. But if Europeans curl their lips, liberals can't look at themselves in the mirror.

If John Kerry had a dollar for every time he bragged about serving in Vietnam - oh wait, he does.

My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.

“Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours.”

“I know Jesus Christ died for my sins, and that's all I really need to know.”

Phil Donahue: "I just want to make sure we got this right. Liberals hate America. They hate all religions except Islam. Liberals love Islam, hate all other religions."
Ann Coulter: "Post 9/11."
Donahue: "Well, good for you."

"I think there should be a literacy test and a poll tax for people to vote."

"People like you caused us to lose the war." (to a disabled Vietnam Veteran)


yes... the college republicans are PROUD to have this mentally ill person visit our campus...

Just to note... pulled from our own Western Herald:
"Only conservative students and pre-approved guests will be able to attend Ann Coulter’s book signing," Allen said. "I am taking extra precautions in order to prevent any interruptions in Ann’s speech. There will be a lot of extra security at this event."

Far be it that someone question them and raise questions about their really screwed up view of the world...

I suppose after Pat Buchanan (the equivelant extreme but more based in conservative religious views) I should be willing to believe that the campus republicans will bring anyone.

There should be another group on campus, leaned more toward the more moderate people on campus. I'm not saying I'm moderate, but I'm most definitely not on any type of extreme like these republicans on campus or the people they bring to campus.

For once, I would like to see a group bring a commentator that doesn't have an agenda, just merely wishes to tie together this country... im tired of seeing people rip it apart by labeling people back and forth. What about someone who attempts to find the difference and intellectually decipher the things that we are arguing about. Half the time when I find myself debating someone, I realize that we are fighting over different things and by the time I realize it, its too late to go back and redefine. A lack of middle-ground agreeable definitions leads us to misunderstanding.

Of course, thats only people with some coinciding values or an understanding of why those extreme views are held...

I dont know...

roommate is much better at this 3am typing than i am...

just wandering mind.

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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
11:56p on Tuesday, January 31st 2006
I'm just updating because I have 2 minutes to waste

Life: good

Doing well enough in my classes

I think the 'not wanting to go to class-es' are setting in

Its official:
Im going to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break!!!

Its going to be amazing, going with schmandt, harrah, and dave... Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that I would be going to ft lauderdale with these guys who i didnt even know before september.


Seems like everyone is getting into the work out spirit, at least in spirit... before they said 'not a chance in hell' now they are like, i wanna go... but not right now... or today... or i have stuff to do...


good episode of 24, Im half-catching up with the other seasons by watching it on streaming television through winamp... free... i dont think its legal but we will pretend i do...

Falling asleep to the first mighty ducks movie tonight!

nite everyone

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
12:16p on Tuesday, January 24th 2006 - So its been a while since I have had a real update
Sorry everyone for taking so long to do a real update, of course that is under the assumption that you actually read this crap. A lot has been going on in my life and I really haven't had the time or the ambition to update my journal.

I think I'm doing well in class now, last semester I walked away with a 3.71 gpa or two 4.0s and three 3.5s. Both of my 4.0s were in my sociology classes which made me happy and kinda excited to get into the field.

So far social psychology is the most interesting of my classes this semester even though we have only had 2 classes of it. Its weird hearing about these experiments where I am like, I wouldn't ever go on with that when in reality there is a good chance that I would due to the pressures.

My criminology class is interesting but most of the stuff that is supposed to be on the tests wont be discussed in class... thats a little annoying but the class discussions are really interesting and are related to the field. The instructor is writing like 4 books right now on criminology, its weird having classes with professors who have written published books that schools use for their curriculum.

My anthro class kinda sucks, I dont like it save for having Schwa in it. The professor seems cool, but the TA that I have my discussion lab with is kinda... everywhere, like she doesnt know how to say what she wants in the time she has. If she just slowed down and thought about what she was saying, class wouldn't so crazy.

Sociological Theory - my challenge class, the professor seems like one of the smartest people I have ever met, but he teaches in a weird way, we are all assigned a chapter from the book to report on during a specified week thus leaving him not teaching from the book, but these presentations are only supposed to be like 5 to 10 minutes long then he lectures on things that are related to the field but now to the chapter, he brings up amazing-think-this-way-questions but im a little afraid of the exams because im not sure if it will be the dense theory crap from the book or the interesting stuff he talks about. Either way, I look forward to the class which is a good sign... plus its in Wood... which has got to be the most female populated building in the place.

My history class is okay, its history up until 1500... compared to the theory reading its cake... its an upper level gen-ed class so i have a few history majors in it and one in my group... I have kinda realized that history is kinda a joke major... in my group I have a bio major, a history major, and me... the history major was like 'how do you guys remember all this stuff so easily' the bio major and i just laughed and basically said 'compared to the reading that we usually have to do this is harry potter'

I love how at college, you learn a lot about yourself. When I'm drunk and trying to hit on a girl I'm so much smoother than I am when I'm sober. If I was as smooth sober as I am when I am drunk I would be a lot more popular with the ladies. As far as the girls go now, I'm not 'seeing anyone' in truth, just kinda being close with someone without all the complications of a relationship, she says she isnt looking for a relationship, but im not always sure about that, anyway I know that we would be really bad as a couple so for now we are just close friends.

I'm generally at the rec 7 days a week now, its a really really good stress reliever that is doing something positive. I have really noticed the difference between now and the beginning of this school year. I even think I saw some abs the other day. I'm definitely in the best shape of my life and thats really good for my self esteem, which was something I never had much of in high school. Looking back, there are a lot of things I wish I had done in high school but was too insecure to do.

I went snow boarding for the first time ever on saturday, pretty much got my ass kicked up and down the hill... by the end of the 4 hour event I managed to make it down the easy hill (not the kiddie hill) once without falling, pretty proud about that considering the other guy I went with who had never gone before didnt make it down without falling, of course that could have something to do with him pulling his groin about half-way through... either way i win!!!

I think I'm getting older and turning into an adult, forget about the usual things that define adulthood... no my reason for thinking im turning into an adult is because I am going to bed before midnight a lot and waking up in the morning for my classes, hell, sometimes I'm even making it out to the rec to run a few miles in the morning before my classes.

Geez who knows

I think I like 24... a lot. Jack Bauer... our lives rest in your hands

So I gotta leave for class

hope someone reads this because I probably wont update like this for at least another few months.

current mood: good

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Thursday, January 19th, 2006
6:31p on Thursday, January 19th 2006 - good times
life has been good

playing basketball daily

studying hard

eating right

working out

running every other day

its been good.

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
9:37p on Wednesday, January 11th 2006
Debbie Siebers is owns me.

The rec blows because of all these fucking new years resolutioners...

I had to wait for everything I wanted to get on and I felt like people were watching me the entire time because they didnt know what to do...

I cant wait for people to break those resolutions so i can have my rec back :-(

Be Wise

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